Friday, 26 February 2010


Nice to finally get some wind and make me realise why I actually windsurf. Winds somewhere between 25-35 mph and a nice little groundswell to play in. Super relaxeing and so nice to see all the familiar faces. This is Matt M. hopping out into some bigger stuff.


  1. Old Goyas never die, I see they keep jumping high.
    May the wind stay overthere. All the best.

  2. I left quite a long reply on my Blog Howard. Thats a great pic and the conditions look super. I am longing for us to get a North Easterly here in Malta so we can have some good waves in the bay - we had a really good NE in January but I missed it cos I was really sick. The worst thing was I was looking out the window down at them all windsurfing in the bay.........took some shots out the window but that was torture I can tell you!! See this entry on my blog
    Hope you get some really good conditions.
    I am going to be in Plymouth in the summer (for a wedding) but will only have one free day, is there a beach close by to Plymouth that rents out windsurfing equipment if the conditions are good?

  3. Hi Bunty,
    The place to sail there will be Bigbury. Literally 20 mins from Plymouth or thereabouts, and perfect to wave sail. If you need to rent/borrow/demo kit - try Reactive watersports (Plymouth). Dave Ewer the shop owner is a legend, and might be able to hook you up. If not, you can drive a bit further up the A38 to Exmouth - and Edge Watersports will definitely help you out. Its also a lot less hardcore place to sail, and Steph and Eric and super friendly. There is a link to Edge on this blog - under Nice places - in the right hand column.

  4. Many thanks, although the wind seems to have gone again : (