Tuesday, 16 February 2010


When an environmentalist such as Chris Hines paddles out for a surf, its not on the latest and greatest Al Merrick, but more of a yellowed well worn locally shaped board. So when I bumped into him at lunch the other day, I had to ask him what was so special about his board, that meant he seemingly never needed to replace it.
In short, he explained that in an attempt to keep his carbon footprint neutral he still uses the same board after 10 years, as even when dinged it doesn't take on water. The board is still lovingly thrown bagless into the boot of his car, but because it uses the less toxic technology of MDI, even if dinged it doesn't weaken or take on water. Homeblown now produce these blanks in all shapes and sizes, and you can request your local shaper (supportyourlocal shaper.org) to craft using either the biofoam or regular MDI blanks.

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