Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sharing the love

I think comments on my blog really keep me going sometimes. So I am trying to find out how people can leave comments in a rather less painstaking way.

So in the meantime I have posted an excerpt from an email his positive vibe was too good not to share.

"Looked at your blog and thought it was great,but couldn't`t comment as I only have my work email.

Also in reply to your comment regarding the surf and how you enjoyed it.

You don't need great surf to make it a great surf. It was the day,the surprise surf I never expected, you and Mat and sharing your stoke and smile on that long ride you had.Sometimes some one else's enjoyment can be better than your own, or at the very least help to fuel the enjoyment of those around you. Believe it or not it was one of those I will remember, so thank you.

As I said I didn't`t realise how big it was and the attached picture from you made me realise.

Cheers and see you soon."

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