Thursday, 10 December 2009

A nice day

My hands were tied with babysitting duties and I had to construct an excuse to lure the little people to the beach. I could literally here the surf pounding, and was desperate just to snap a few shots, but I needed a good plan of attack. So, armed with a carrier bag, I suggested we go collect litter from the cliffs and make a collage (Blue Peter style). This worked perfectly, and as the two artists searched for inspiration (and cleaned the beach) I managed to score a couple shots.


  1. Outstanding plan!! You are a source of inspiration, may be someday I use a similar one with my kids...

  2. Thanks Magnum, I tried making them watch surf/windsurf movies but that doesn't seem to work either : )

  3. Howard , I like your style! Maybe you should write a coastal dweller's guide to being a Dad?