Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Windsurfing lives !

Just when the winter starts to set in, and most folks are huddling behind their desks avoiding the fierce winds, there was a healthy crew on the beach today. There was also mention of a solo trip to a secret spot with potential, but in all fairness onshore isn't all bad. In fact the intrepid Weston trio had made the two hour trek just for the conditions. Which proves that you can become blase with a great beach on your door !


  1. This is cuelty in the first degree! Don't these people have jobs to go to? Sunshine and wind it's too much! Remind me to tell more people when I have a 6 week summer holiday!!!

  2. It's a pity that historically those 6 weeks are when it's flat, windless and raining in the UK....

    What is the meaning of this word "job", as it was not listed in the international version of "The Slackers Dictionary" for the terminally work shy? We are forced to fill our time by going windsurfing or surfing when others are working, it's a tough life. ;-)

  3. Some of us are job hunting : )
    Wo the recession..