Thursday, 5 November 2009

North Westerly - Brrrrrr

6/5 suit with a hood was very nice today. Really fun bump and jump session in the mess, and Andy B kindly took a rare photo of me on the water. Great to see yet more new faces, and confirming we have over 30 sailors regularly sailing here (just never together).


  1. Aaah. My favourite direction, bet Saunton was good at 1.00 low tide.Anyone out?
    Looking good for the week end with potential NW Saturday for Saunton and Northerly on Sunday for Woolacombe.
    Hungry for some action!

  2. Woolacombe! I've barely ever seen anyone windsurf there (here).

  3. Shhhh! EasyTom lets keep it that way! I've sailed Wooly several classic dates over the last 7 years and a crowd was one other!
    Heavy wave though. Full on mast snapper and relatively close to the beach.

  4. Probably best not to mention it then - specially on this forum : )