Thursday, 19 November 2009

Friends don't let friends..

kitesurf. Whilst I hate the term 'extreme sports' I think kitesurfing sits quite well in this category. I will let you decide if you think its a good thing or bad. I have no real desire to do it, however nailing loops on a big day will forever have my attention.
Thanks Luke for the link, who amazingly is usually involved in rescuing these guys when it all goes wrong.


  1. Ballsy? Without doubt!Skill? Looks like a lot of dangling around without any control whatsoever really!
    I prefer the reports of the guys who get dragged through trees etc
    Fair payback for going higher than us windsurfers

  2. This is the one I enjoy the most!!

  3. Yes, already had a friend who has died from a similiar accident.