Saturday, 3 October 2009

Wind swept

As I took this picture I was actually studying the horizon for the lone sail of Ed. The afore mentioned had the look of distance in his stare, and despite an invite to the heinous out back, my little body was reeling in pain from too many flat landings. It was great to see so many sails, and at times we outnumbered the kiters. Sadly it didn't blow crazy crazy, but the choice of the day seemed to be around 5m. Great to see the guys from Bristol too, and if you are looking for anywhere to sail further North, always check Mark's site - (dedicated to wind, not extreme adult networking : )

1 comment:

  1. Full on session at Saunton with nearly everyone out. Stew and I hit the water at 10.00 with 4.2 and 5.2 repectively. I would have been ok on 4.7. Joined at low tide by Stevie V, Rob Puig (on the water side of his lense for a change),Kenny and Jennie who bravely represented the fairer sex.It was pretty onshore with a biase towards port tack jumping but on the push we had a smooth,punchy head high wave out towards the point. Charged by waiting for the 'one day only forecast' everyone was trying something. Rob was hurtling round some pushies, Stew landed a flaka and promptly snapped a mast and I finished a 4 hour session with a pitch pole forward and a snapped Ezzy top half.
    Awesome session! Need more. No photos here...everyone too busy getting stoked!