Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Skull Skates

is without doubt my favourite skate company. After 23 years I still ride a Skull Skates All city, have countless T shirts and have ridden on their Canadian hardwood maple for way too long. So, when I saw this flyer, albeit thousands of miles away, I really wanted to just hop on a plane and skate this. Sponsored by the same team that once boasted Christian Hosoi, it is without doubt at the core of Vancouver's skate scene and like nowhere else in the world. Drop by and check these guys out, or even better save for a flight and visit one of the multitude of skateparks in this great city (www.Skullskates.com).

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  1. I remember visiting Skull Skates when I was in Vancouver and picking up a deck for you. It might be the one that you talk about above and that reminds me, I think you still owe me for it. I also bought a long board for myself and used it in Edinburgh before moving to Bristol. I still have it.

    I remember visiting Skull Skates store which was a totally new experience for me; I felt like such an old boy at the time but my snowboarding had some on so much in Whistler that I thought I had enough credibility to mix it with the kids.

    Thanks for posting this and giving me the opportunity to reminisce.