Sunday, 11 October 2009

Early bird

Snuck out for the early bird this morning, and could only make one call to spread the news of good conditions. Andy (pictured above) the newest conscript to team Excel was my only choice, due to his never failing commitment to sail. Not sure if he reciprocated by phoning the others (and I doubt it), but if not, then this is in part an apology. Swell was really comfortable head high, and the wind was just on a force five making it a really nice cross-shore session. Off to Cornwall to see if they really do have as good a wave as Devon.

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  1. Guilty as charged of not phoning anyone after Howard's call. No excuse except I'm too lazy to use the phone. Although it was looking a little marginal and the forecast was nothing to get excited about, but by 11am I was wondering why I had the whole place to myself. Started the day on a 105l, but soon switched to my 80l and had a great session. Apologies for the goat boaters headwear, but a necessity after trying to rip an ear off during Tuesday's session....