Sunday, 16 August 2009

Soul Session

No forecasts, no camera, no phonecalls, no expectations, I hadn't really given windsurfing a second thought today. It was only after taking the children to the beach, that I spotted two sails in the rivermouth. They looked like they were quite big so I wasn't really sure if my 5.2 would work.
I must admit after that sighting the sand castles did become a little hurried and at the first sign of boredom we turned and headed for home.
About 30 minutes later, I was rigged and heading out and the unexpected turned into a great little session. The small swell seemed to pick up as I headed out, and I really understand why some of the locals don't go out on big days in winter.
If a big swell is running it can actually be too big. Even with just a 1-2 ft swell, some of waves out back, in the channel were almost mast high. The wind was at bare minimum for a decent sail, so rather than get all crazy in the shorebreak, I just kept my speed and went on some massive reaches over to Saunton. Its been so long that I can recall such a sail, and whilst it's always preferrable to sail with friends, sole sessions are good for the soul.

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  1. Nice one Soul Man! My weekends are currently spent in the arms of a beautiful woman and that's good nourishment for my soul too.