Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Primo DTL

Packed off the family, and the pangs of guilt started to hit me. Such precious little folk being bundled off to Granny and Grandad whilst Dad charges the coastline. Actually I am officially job hunting and organising yet another house move. But, you don't want to read about that, instead I am happy to update you with news of blistered palms from another great soul session. Today the wind was perfect cross-shore and we had down-the-line sailing for the last three hours. Waves were almost as clean as the picture, and they were peaking around head high. Thanks Jem for the call and apologies to Matt and Andrew for not calling ahead. It caught me by total surprise and I am a little out of touch with this whole socialising business !


  1. I know you do. Missing you.

  2. I'm so jealous, not of your love affair thang, which is sweet, but your lifestyle. Enjoying London but not making any money and missing the west country and the sea and my bike. Getting fat again! Oh sweet misery!!!! Currently listening to Wilco which is hardly raising spirits......