Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Met some more of the ever growing windsurf collective here at Westward. Sets were coming through, but the wind was definitely better earlier. Just mistimed it!


  1. who was that bloke on the pryde soul? he was rippin.

  2. You must mean Appledore Jem !
    He's a local legend and will be getting his own post shortly. Stand by for photos.

  3. Good to meet you guys the other morning.The trip across the bridge and the 6.00 am start were well worth it for some down the line. Sorry you missed the best of it. Stew and I will be back to school next week so you'll have the week day waves back to yourselves again.If we get a good NW you'll have to pay us a visit at Saunton.At low tide the point is awesome.
    May visit a 'not too distant spot' tomorrow (Friday) about 10.00 ish for incoming high tide where big swell and west wind gives cross off front side lefts! Sure you know it.
    Love the blog... thanks for the pix.

  4. No problem Mark, send me an email and will reply with the other shots. Sadly can't make Spot x tomorrow, but enjoy.