Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Just keep paddling...

was all that was going through my mind today. Wind was onshore and the swell was seemingly a little onshore, not to mention some guys were out windsurfing. I had a quick panic as I dithered on the ridge wondering if i should go out. But as I didn't have my windsurf kit with me, and only a small window of time, I made a dash for the water. I grabbed the 6'3 fish and just paddled for the horizon. It was consistent punishment for about twenty minutes as I tried to head out back, so as the sun was out, I just kept battling on. When I finally reached the 'outside' it was a lot better than expected, and I watched the only other guy alongside doing 360's. In fact it was worth the paddle out just to see this guy, and despite the wind slop I still scored some decent rides. Wind looks perfect tomorow for some down the line sailing, but will have to see if work gets in the way.

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