Friday, 28 August 2009


It was great to see such a commitment from everyone so early today. Kickoff for 7am and the wind was firing. Both Jem and I lost our sails at one point as we just weren't used to the strength of the conditions. Also I was literally amazed to see Mark on a 4.7 when Jem and I were on 3.7/4.0. How did he do it, not to mention going for forwards and back loops in the mayhem.
It was real survival today, and the fun continued round the corner - check next post to see Andys shots.


  1. Zoinks! Looks crazy. Last time I used a 4.0 was in gale force winds (when I was a teenager in the 80's) on a Windsurfer Regatta at the south coast somewhere. No footstraps, daggerboard out - the water shot like a fountain past my head out of the daggerboard slot! That was crazy too...

    Nothing crazy going on for me at the moment: sitting here with my knee strapped up reading blogs about people getting out there and having a great time. Doh!

  2. Hey Tom, sorry to hear about the knee. Looking forward to you getting on the water and posting up some more interesting reads. Always enjoy your posts, and reckon you have the basis for a book there !

  3. 3 days have passed and my arms have just recovered from that megawindy friday or maybe it was just the shock of being out on the water at 7am sharp. Anyway great photos and re the labels its a zeta 3.7 and the wifes K-bay.