Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tri fin swallow tail resurgence

Unlike the surf industry, the Windsurf industry is still a fast moving R&D fuelled environment. As a team rider for Seasprite sports, I change my kit yearly so that I can keep up with the latest changes in the windsurf world. Its an amazing opportunity each year, but it also takes a shift of mind set to move away from what you have loved and trusted from the previous year. 2010 looks to be a real big change year as we see the return of thrusters, quads and more to the world of windsurf. I think it was c. late 1989 when I last rode boards like this ! Not sure what I will be riding on next, but the most important thing is to remember application. I still reckon we live in one of the the world's best windsurfing locations, but UK boards need to have a variety of attributes, and again each specific spot has its own issues/needs. Enjoy the photo of what looks to be one of RRD's more radical creations (photo courtesy of God save the Wind).


  1. Ah the 80's... I had a Windsurfer Rocket 88 then, I also remember sailing Mistral Malibu's a Klepper Gun (I worked for a shop called The London Windsurfing Centre) my mate had a Mistral Tarifa. Do you remember the asymetric boards they made then?! (I never sailed one.)

  2. I remember the name of London Windsurfing centre, I had some mast cover with that name on it. I remember some strange creations by Vitamin C, really hoping that one day I would be able to actually sail them. Oh how times have changed - albeit for the better. The good news is windsurfing got an awful lot easier and the kit has enabled it to become much more throw around. Kind of like how skateboarding evolved from the 70's to currrent day. You will have to try it again !

  3. The London Windsurfing Centre became "Activ" (an even worse name!) while I was working there. Peter Hart worked there at the time - we used to windsurf at Bray Lake near Windsor. Ah the nostalgia: watching Trade Winds on VHS with Mike Waltze windsurfing on his door! I remember reading the first report, in the American Windsurf Magazine, of Doug Hunt doing a loop. Using a 'football fin'. Vitamin Sea I remember - brightly coloured short boards. The days of Hy Jumpers in Braunton... I haven't windsurfed in about 10 years. I think the last time was on a friend's Lodey custom board at Saunton and I achieved a memorably powerful catapult over the nose! I was always better at old school long board freestyle and Div1 racing. I wasn't really aggressive enough on a shortboard. I've still got my two Gul wetsuits from then. I might have to pop an amusing photo on my blog when I get back (pink/turquoise/yellow winter steamer!!!). I gave up windsurfing when I went to college to study Art. Couldn't afford a car let alone keeping up with windsurfing kit. Cheerio...