Monday, 13 July 2009


Apologies for header title...but what a week to look forward to.
I was literally just checking the forecast, after a bumpy session today, which has left me still turbo charged. I managed to sneak out for a second time on a lovely Homeblown Retro twin fin. Sadly due to the onshore wind, faces were a bit blown out and crumbly, but the residual swell was great. Whilst the wave rides were short the take-off felt so steep, and I was literally buzzing. Each time I came back in for a breather, I couldn't help but paddle out again for more punishment. The 6'3 in question turned out to be shaped by the infamous Tris from St. Agnes complete with Banksy sprays. I am sure they must be some sort of tribute to the artist and not an original, but it did make me think perhaps this really was too much of a bargain.

Anyway please note the weeks forecast below, which ironically is when I am due to pick up my longboard !

Advanced Forecast Options
Wave Swell Period Wind Temp

Mon 13/07 4 ft 4.5ft 8secs 15mph 19c
Tue 14/07 4 ft 7.5ft 11secs 16mph 17c
Wed 15/07 4 ft 8.5ft 9secs 17mph 17c
Thu 16/07 2 ft 3.5ft 8secs 7mph 20c
Fri 17/07 2 ft 2.5ft 11secs 18mph 15c

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