Saturday, 13 June 2009

House purchase !

Got up very early to surf an unusually clean wave of just 1-2 ft. Not a soul in the water, but by 10am you could really tell we haven't had any swell for 2 weeks; everyone was heading out. Within 5 short days, we have completed on our house sale and have now become a permanent fixture in North Devon - really great news.


  1. HD,
    Great to hear everything worked out with your place. A new house without having to move, sounds perfect. It is a shame you couldn't find anywhere closer to the beach -- I dont think you get out on the water enough.

    ps I love the blog. Good escapism being land-locked as I am.

  2. What is this! Approved comments only?

  3. Nope - its just a fail safe setup by blogger. If someone thinks this sight sucks, then please let me know, or better yet just don't visit again.