Monday, 18 May 2009

The unknown soldier

Spoke to Steve around lunch time, and it seemed like we had a little crew heading out for some more south westerly action. Swell had eased a little, although it still wasn't that tempting. The only reason to head out back beyond the crumbling breaks was that you were too scared to gybe on the faces ! Fortunately we still had some decent wind, and I think Paul and Steve caught the best of the wind on their smaller sails. By the time Dan, Carl, Andy and I hit the water it was just about a Force 5, a little underpowered although can't complain when its blue skies and sunny. Besides it was nice to watch the kiters get there smug grins back, as they were probably getting the best of it. Before I managed to get out on the water (Hector and Rosa sitting till 4), I got some shots of this guy; the 'unknown soldier' from Hartland getting some nice rides.


  1. Hi H,
    Great pix, great blog.
    Caught Brean on Saturday with Will and GG - had an unexpectedly fantastic day. First, because we weren't expecting a wave - being used to lumpy Weston - and second because once the squall blew through it was absolutely solid F5-6.
    Ok, it's not the Ho!, but as the tide dropped the waves lifted, clean on the inside with loads of space for smooooth gybes, flick to the turn and switch foot for that sweet, speedy recovery. Onlookers even reported seeing my fin clear of the ramps.
    Keep up the good work. Maybe lay off the DB until after the session?

  2. Thats great to hear Si, Brean down has good potential heh. Hopefully catch up with you soon. Take care