Friday, 17 April 2009

Point Guard

After the Big Tuesday swell dropped away, I sat down to review some of the other photos. What really impressed me about that day was how different spots started working at different stages of the tide, and I just had to post these pictures of the lone surfer who really left no margin for error. He was the only one out at the point, and the bigger sets he left alone. Smart guy !

If you made any mistake you would end up directly on the rocks, and when the bigger waves pushed through the rocks started to appear in the wave face.

Apart from having large cajones, do you reckon he has some secret talisman to ward off the darker forces of the cliff ?


  1. That's a great spot you made H. It must be fascinating learning about how a new location works and keeping a journal. Helps you to make your choices as well. Knowledge is king.

  2. ..... and he must have hugh conkers.