Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Baby Sitting

Laura's first day back at school, and I feel so drained looking after the little people. Predictably the surf was on this morning, so Rosa and I watched from the pebbles and reflected on whether we could ever leave this perfect spot, despite not having a home. The perfect house has turned up for us, but its on the wrong coast and we can't move back to South Devon - any thoughts would be appreicated.

PS - Please get in touch with Edge watersports if you are looking for any windsurfing gear. They have a massive sale going on as all the windsurf kit must go. Follow the link.


  1. Great photos again H. Don't leave this place.

  2. Thanks mate ! Just having a wobble at the moment - i am sure when the wind is back on, there won't be an issue.

  3. Howard wrote the above and not me. I am not going back, I refuse resolutely.