Monday, 6 April 2009

After the weekend.

After the masses return to the grind, the sun goes in and the wave height drops. Or at least that's what it felt like today. I was dragged to the city this weekend and had to leave a beautifully clean 2-4 ft wave. When I returned last night I promised myself whatever the wave, I would make it out tonight. As you can see the sky was dark, the rain poured and it all felt a bit lonely. So when I saw this little clique sat on the horizon, they captured my interest. They sat waiting for the set waves and seemed to have something 'not of this world'. After I took the picture, I paddled out and it felt like the wave seemed to double in height, the guys knew just when to paddle, and picked off wave after wave. However when the next set pushed through, and it was my time to paddle, I looked round and they had vanished.

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